Dealparts – Leveling Lift Kit 1.6 inch [Overview]

You probably know, that it is not recommended to lift the Jeep Patriot more, than by 2 inches. Well, at least if you do not plan to replace every suspension component with a performance-oriented one. That’s why it is a good idea to consider one of the quality lift kits that will allow slight lift of your Jeep Patriot without making significant changes to its construction. We at MyJeepPatriot actually installed these kits by DealParts and can share our impressions here. But if you do not wish to read too long, all you need to know, is that this is a good kit and it’s definitely worth its money.

2015 Patriot High Altitude with 2inch lift and 30 inch tires

Description and Technical Details

The Dealparts Leveling Lift Kit is a great option for upgrading your Jeep Patriot. This lift kit provides a 1.6-inch (40mm) lift, allowing you to increase ground clearance and tackle off-road adventures with ease. It is compatible with Jeep Compass (MK) 2007-2015 and Jeep Patriot (MK) 2007-up models. The kit includes 2 front strut spacers, 2 rear strut spacers, and a fitting kit, ensuring a proper installation.

Product Details

Quality goes first

Ultra-high-density polyurethane [made in France] ensures lasting service.

It is designed for vehicles with standard suspension.

One of the key advantages of this lift kit is its high-quality construction. It is made from durable polyurethane material, manufactured in France, which ensures a long service life and the ability to handle challenging terrains. The kit also offers easy off-road driving and access to surfaces that are otherwise inaccessible for vehicles with standard suspension.

If you’re considering upgrading your Jeep Patriot, the Dealparts Leveling Lift Kit is worth considering due to its compatibility, reliable construction, and improved off-road capabilities. With the added lift, you can confidently navigate rough terrains and enjoy enhanced ground clearance. Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast or simply want to give your Jeep a more rugged look, this lift kit provides a reliable solution for enhancing your vehicle’s performance and versatility.

What Do People Say?

It is always great to find out, what people think about a certain product before purchasing one, right? We also enjoy reading honest reviews written by real people, just like us. That’s why we’ve asked one of our customers to share his experience with our readers. Lewis came to our shop for a recommendation on lifting his Jeep Patriot and did the installation on his own. Here’s what he says about the Dealparts Leveling Lift Kit.

Driving off-road became a thrilling experience as I tackled rocky terrains and uneven surfaces without hesitation. The lift kit enhanced the suspension system, providing a smoother ride and reducing the impact of bumps and dips along the way.

One of the standout features of the kit was its compatibility with the Jeep Compass and Patriot models. It was specifically designed to fit these vehicles, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. The express shipping via UPS ensured that I received the kit promptly, and the package arrived in excellent condition.

Overall, the Dealparts Leveling Lift Kit has exceeded my expectations. It has transformed my Jeep into a capable off-road vehicle, ready to take on any adventure. With its high-quality construction and easy installation process, I would highly recommend this lift kit to any Jeep owner looking to enhance their vehicle’s capabilities. It’s time to embrace the thrill of off-road exploration!

Pros and Cons, and certain other things to keep in mind

The lift kit by Dealparts is quite a simple product, so we do not feel that it’s a good idea to talk about the pros and cons, as they are pretty much self-explanatory. Still, we have noted certain aspects that we recommend keeping in mind when shopping for this lift kit for your Patriot.

  • Compatible with Jeep Compass (MK) 2007-2015 and Patriot (MK) 2007-present models.
  • Includes 2 front strut spacers, 2 rear strut spacers, and a fitting kit.
  • Made of high-quality polyurethane material to ensure durability.
  • Allows for easy off-road driving and driving on surfaces inaccessible for vehicles with standard suspension.
  • Guarantees a long lifetime due to ultra-high-density polyurethane material [made in France].
  • The price may be relatively high for some buyers.
  • Some additional add-ons and protection plans have extra costs.
  • May require professional installation for optimal results.
  • Limited customer reviews available for reference.

Questions & Answers

Here are 7 detailed questions about the Jeep Patriot lift kit along with expert answers:

What vehicles are compatible with the Dealparts Leveling Lift Kit?

Answer: The Dealparts Leveling Lift Kit is compatible with the Jeep Compass (MK) from 2007 to 2015 and the Jeep Patriot (MK) from 2007 to the present.

What does the Dealparts Leveling Lift Kit include?

Answer: The kit includes 2 front strut spacers, 2 rear strut spacers, and a fitting kit.

Is the Dealparts Leveling Lift Kit made of high-quality material?

Answer: Yes, the kit is made of high-quality polyurethane material directly from an experienced manufacturer. It ensures a long lifetime and is specifically designed for off-road driving and surfaces inaccessible to vehicles with standard suspension.

Does the Dealparts Leveling Lift Kit come with installation instructions?

Answer: Yes, the kit comes with installation instructions to guide you through the installation process.

What are the benefits of using the Dealparts Leveling Lift Kit?

Answer: The kit allows for easy off-road driving and provides additional ground clearance. It is designed to improve the vehicle’s capability on rough terrains and surfaces that are challenging for vehicles with standard suspension.

Is the Dealparts Leveling Lift Kit easy to install?

Answer: Yes, the kit is designed for easy installation. It comes with a fitting kit and can be installed without extensive modifications or professional assistance.

Can the Dealparts Leveling Lift Kit be returned or replaced?

Answer: Yes, the kit is eligible for return, refund, or replacement within 30 days of receipt. Make sure to check the specific return policy and conditions provided by the seller.


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A common challenge when buying tires is understanding the different types of tires, and which one will work best for you.


The most popular manufacturers use common tire size abbreviations. They are the same for all tire brands produced throughout the world. When selecting tires for your car, truck or SUV it is a good idea to understand what the sidewall markings mean, in order to understand specs of the tires you select.

Tire Codes Explanation

The first number one can normally see on a tire sidewall is the tire width (in millimeters). In the example above, the tire width is 195 mm. This is a measurement between the sides of tire, from one sidewall to another. Some tire brands use extra letter before the number that denotes width. In the example above, the letter is missing. However, if you see P195, this is a passenger tire that is 195 mm wide. As a rule, width on the sidewall is followed by a slash (/) or a space.
Aspect ratio follows the width in the common tire codes. Sometimes, tire manufacturers can use a space or slash mark between them. Aspect ratio is the second number you can see on the tire sidewall. It explains, how tall is the tire profile. In the example above, aspect ratio equals to 65. Modern tire codes deliver the aspect ratio as percentage. It is calculated by dividing the height of the tire by its width. If you see, that aspect ratio is 65, it means that the height of the tire is 65% of its width. In general, the lower aspect ratio (around 60) means better handling.
Construction type is the letter that follows the aspect ratio in the tire code. It denotes the type of the tire internal construction, that maintains the tire stability on the road. There are 2 types of construction:
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The majority of tires used in the U.S. are radial tires, and that is the only kind of construction offered by Fuzion tires. So chances are high, that you also have got radial tires on your daily driver. This construction means, that the internal ply cords of the tire are positioned in radial direction, perpendicular to the rotation axis and placed from one bead over to the other.
Explanation of rim diameter is pretty simple, especially for the Americans, who normally use inches to measure something. So, the number, that follows construction type on the tire code, is the diameter of the rim in inches. In the example provided, the code says ‘R15’, which means the rim diameter is 15 inches.
Load index is the combination of digits that follows the rim diameter. It tells, how much weight a tire can support when it is completely inflated (weight in lbs). This measurement is called as load index, since it does not give the exact weight the tire is developed to carry, but it corresponds to certain capacity as an index. You can find a number from 1 to 150, which represents load capacities between 99 and 735 lbs.
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Jeep Patriot Tires

Whether you own Jeep Patriot Sport, Limited or Latitude, it's good to know, what wheel and tire sizes are recommended for your specific vehicle. We have selected all necessary information about these trim levels to let you know about the features, that came standard for these SUVs. Select the trim level you are interested in and find out technical details about Jeep Patriot tires that are guaranteed to work.




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